Oh Canada


I saw this piece of Canadian First Nations Art on Facebook and thought to myself, “Hmmmm, I love it and I also know a woman who has a flag manufacturing business. I should get them together.” I didn’t hear a thing about it after that and, today, I was tagged in a post on FB announcing that the flag is being produced. I am so pleased. . . what a wonderful age we live in where it’s so simple to network people who do excellent work.

Here’s what the artist said:
Mulidzas-Curtis Wilson (facebook account name)

Gila Kasla-Greetings,

It has been a long time coming…but I would like to announce that my rendition of the Canadian Flag is finally going to be produced into an actual flag that can be hung and flown. I have been working with The Flag Shop based in Vancouver and they will be producing the design on a flag that measures 27″ x 54″. The flag will be screen printed on 200 denier nylon. It will be finished with rope and toggle in the sleeve, which is the standard way flags are finished in Canada.

These flags will be available at the beginning of March through their website and also through their 13 stores across Canada (Vancouver and 12 others). They offer shipping all over the world. These flags will be sold for $79.95 and I am posting this to get an idea of who would be interested in ordering a flag. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a flag, would you please send me a private message? Email info@curtiswilson.ca

Gila Kasla-Thank you

If you know someone who orders flags for civic functions, please have them consider this one. Let’s get some publicity going for this project, too. This is the link for purchasing: http://shop.flagshop.com/index.php/canada-flags/canadian-native-flag.html

1984: Midwifery in Vancouver BC

Midwife Gail circa 1984

Midwife Gail circa 1984

I saw this photo on Flickr by photographer, Mark Laforet. His description is:

“This is part of a series I took of Midwife Gail in her home office published in a book called: “Midwifery is Catching”.”

I wanted to preserve it on my blog because it reminds me of those years when we were young and the work of midwifery was just emerging. Gloria

Gina and her men

Read Gina’s story on her blog at http://www.trulypurebirth.com/jaxon_hypnobabies_birth_story.html Quote from the story that I love: “It was the most amazing feeling reaching down, catching our baby and bringing him to my chest. No one other than Cody and I touched our baby, that was very special to me. He snuggled on my chest and Cody told me how proud he was of me and I told Jaxon how proud I was of him.”