Breech birth workshop in Vancouver with Lisa Barrett

I haven’t posted this week because I’ve been wrapped up in having midwife Lisa Barrett as a visitor to Canada.  If you’re not familiar with Lisa’s work, visit her blog from Australia at

Lisa presented a workshop on breech birth for midwives and other birth workers last Tuesday and it was an excellent review with new food for thought.  She showed a breech birth video and, then, broke the video down into still photos to show the progress of the naturally birthed breech baby coming through the diameters of the pelvis in the most efficient way possible.  In addition, there was helpful information on why some babies present breech, how to open up the pelvis with a rebozo and how to prevent problems such as entrapped arms and premature respiration.
Here’s a little video of one of the many stories that Lisa shared with us here in Vancouver, B.C.:

7 thoughts on “Breech birth workshop in Vancouver with Lisa Barrett

    • Hi Lisa. My friend told me about you. I rellay LOVE this video. I was born in the Caul back in 1979 so it was great to see what that meant the midwife told my mum shortly after that I would never drown! I’m a wife and mum of three myself now AND a First year UG Student Midwife at Leeds and I can’t wait to get on my first placement and be with woman’. I love your heart and your passion for natural birth. Laura

  1. Lisa what the hell are you doing in Canada. I though you were at a birth! Leaving your hairbrush in the bathroom really fooled me.

    Remember you can’t bring meat into Australia so don’t try and smuggle in any placentas. Besides our freezer is full. The excitement of Raspberry ripple ice-cream always ends in disappointment for our kids.

  2. We are very lucky to have Lisa here in Oz!! That was my birth video showed and I feel so honoured to be ‘helping’ people across the world learn just how beautifully simple breech birth can be!!
    Canada is equally lucky to have you, Gloria! Love your ‘work’!!

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