14 thoughts on “Breech birth, third baby

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  2. Beautiful & thank you for sharing!!

    Question though: It appears as the baby was caught by her head. is that the case?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this birth! As a student midwife, I learned four things:

    1. What lots of meconium looks like coming out when baby is breech … very valuable for the surprise breech.
    2. That it might be a bit distracting for a midwife to rub and dry a vigorous baby when the mom has it under control.
    3. That if the mom doesn’t already know the gender, to remember NOT to announce anything and allow her to discover for herself.
    4. That sometimes breech babies’ heads can be born quickly with no pushing, and there is not necessarily any problem with intracranial hemorrhage from rapid decompression.

    Such valuable learning. Thanks for posting and THANK YOU to the mom for sharing!!!

    • Just a nitpicky FYI:

      Gender is a social construct, created through a psychological identity (dress, mannerisms, self identification, hair style).

      Sex is the biological chromosomal nature of a human, usually identified through external genitalia.

      It is impossible to announce the gender of a baby, because the baby has yet to self-identify (it’s a baby!). Although some parents freak out if you put their female infant in “boy” clothes (I work in a NICU).

      Good luck in your studies!!! We need more fantastic midwives! 😀

  4. Absolutely lovely! Inspiring! If I have any more breech babies,I want to give birth this way! ( my firstborn was breech—but I was *made* to lie flat on my back) Thank goodness I know better know!

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  6. I too had my third baby breech. He was double footling breech and the midwives opted to have me rushed in an ambulance and emergency c-section. In the end I was very thankful that I had my baby (healthy) because he had the cord wrapped once around his neck as well as doing something with his arms above his head which would have gotten him stuck in there. If the baby can be birthed without a c-section I think that is wonderful! However, the cut that was made was an inverted T so unless I have a pro-VBAC doctor in a hospital, I’m stuck with another c-section if I have more.

    • Nothing is impossible though. My boy was born after a very peaceful four hour free birth. He was double footling breech, posterior, cord around his neck, arms up and deflexed head. He needed some gentle guidance out but he is perfectly healthy.

  7. I really enjoy that. It personally bugs me when a mama is told how to move to make the MW job easier, or told anything really that goes against what her body is doing…..

    BUT, what an amazing video!!

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