Breast is best

This is a 7 minute trailer of a video on breastfeeding that I highly recommend. I own an older copy that I use all the time but it looks, from this clip, like the film has been updated. This shows the importance of getting a newborn skin to skin with the mother even in adverse circumstances like cesarean surgery. Operating rooms are kept quite cold so they recommend towel drying the baby before contact with the mother. I would prefer the baby to remain covered in the birth fluids and then covered in heated soft blankets for warmth. There are lots of good tips in this clip for how to reduce engorgement and get a good latch on the breast.

5 thoughts on “Breast is best

  1. So encouraging to see skin-to-skin made possible even in a cesarean…wish I’d seen this before I had my first. We seem to throw in the towel and give up on everything we dreamed of if the birth turns into a cesarean, but wonderful to see some things can still be salvaged. That lil fellow latched on so strong right away!

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