11 thoughts on “Blog Talk Radio program on Water Birth, June 25-2010

  1. So many insights! I’m going to come back and keep savouring it. I’ve already sent it to a client and am really loving listening for myself too. *kotc*

  2. Apparently my timing was perfect in listening to this programme! As the thunder struck on the recording the rain began to pound my window here in Vancouver.

    The fear of childbirth is something I am really working on coming to terms with, not only as someone who wants to make the journey as a midwife, but as a woman. Death freaks our society out enough to take refuge in false security, I don’t want to be controlled by my fear that way. It is nice to hear Jeannine say it in such a plain and humble way.

    Thanks Gloria, for sharing.

  3. This is one of the stories I picked up about Jeannine on my recent trip to Australia:

    Gloria Lemay
    What did you think of the BlogTalkradio program of Jeannine, Beverley? I loved that story you told me when I was in Australia about Jeannine getting a great circle of midwives together and doing an Om in the blistering heat of Darwin, Australia.

    Beverley Walker (respected midwifery elder in Australia)
    Blistering Heat and in the sunset over the Arufura Sea. Jeannine Parvati Baker was dressed in white with her rich dark and white long hair streaming down her aquiline features a contrast with the tanned, thonged (a semi sandal made of rubber) throng of the Australians of Darwin (capital) in the Northern Territory.

    Jeanne calmed down people in the afternoon after there was an extraordinary display of(dis) stress from one of the organizers of this very successful Home Birth Australia conference when Jack the first baby to be born on country for 100 years was thrust in the air by his proud aboriginal grandmother. It was the week and the year Princess Dianna of Great Britain died. This was an unforgettable time when we stayed in the old Darwin hotel much loved by soldiers and sailors in the 2nd world war – but due to be pulled down very shortly after. This strong hotel survived tornadoes and cyclones – we had a free meal as the chef disappeared that night – this would only happen in Darwin.

  4. I dont know what to say about that. it is life changing. Im going to be listening to that again. jeannine had a beautiful gift.

  5. I’m not sure how to “manage” the whole “Blog Talk Radio” thing because this widget adds each new show (which is great) but then, how do people know there’s a new show and how do I handle comments on each show separately?

    Any good ideas greatly appreciated. Gloria

  6. Gloria, thanks for starting these broadcasts. I’ve listened to all of them and have found them to be exceptionally valuable! Please keep recording!

  7. I loved the show on licensing and all that guff.

    I’m looking forward to next week’s on the right of baby boys to intact genitals. I was comforting a client today whose 5 week old nephew was being mutilated this afternoon. How terrible it is. In Australia it’s harder to find doctors to perform this mutilation nowadays but his mother persisted and found one. I feel so very sad for him, and his upset aunt. Thank you for speaking out.

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