Download of “Birth With Gloria Lemay” Film ** Special Price November 24, 2020 to December 24, 2020 Promo Code: GLORIA Reg $14.95 NOW $8.85

9 home waterbirths in 30 minutes. Women of all sizes, ethnicities, some have had a previous cesarean, variety of ages are featured in this film. The births are not interrupted by narration in the first feature. In the second feature, Gloria Lemay narrates over the same footage with explanations of what’s happening behind the scenes. There are two bonus features that explain why it’s important to keep baby boys intact.

Features include:

1. 9 Home births without narration
2. 9 Home births (the same footage) but with commentary by Gloria Lemay
3. 30 min PSA by featuring Dr. Dean Edell
4. 25 min “The Prepuce” by Doctors Opposing Circumcision. A film for medical students on the importance and function of the male foreskin.

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“About four years ago I got fed up with all these home birth videos on the net that had very emotional music and voice overs with text popping up on the screen telling the viewer about what was going on. It truly made me mad that I could not show my clients a real birth. Then I trained as Birth Works childbirth educator and in our class we listen to real birth sounds to guesstimate where the birthing mother was in her process (audio only). A year after my second child was born I posted my RAW birth video as a teaching tool on the internet for the women in my class – no music to tug on your heart, no text manipulating your thinking or your experience. The video was so well received for its honesty that I have never taken it down and only wished there were many more around to truly educate women about birth ( When I watched Gloria Lemay’s new birth video I was so relieved that the births featured were not doctored (pun intended) and instead presented the raw experiences in the moments, the sounds, the lights, the real happenings, warts and all. I have thought for a long time that prettying up a birth video sets women up with unrealistic expectations, and can actually harm them. Gloria’s video is beautifully real, amazingly wonderful, educationally priceless, and … honest. I loved every minute of it. I was very excited about the option with a voice over giving background info, and of course the two NO-CIRC features are a must see for every person in the world. Thank you Glo.”
Veronika Polanska, Childbirth Educator, Vancouver, BC Canada

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13 thoughts on “Download of “Birth With Gloria Lemay” Film ** Special Price November 24, 2020 to December 24, 2020 Promo Code: GLORIA Reg $14.95 NOW $8.85

  1. Just sent you an order for the DVD Gloria, thru my paypal acct. Then realized that there will be a difference due to USD vs Canadian dollar. I sent it as USD. And you get charged a fee since it is in the ‘goods’ category. You prob have this all figured out already but here is an alert, in case. So looking forward to experiencing your DVD! Blessings, Lily Bhavani Aquarian

    • Thanks for your order, Lily. The U.S. dollar is much higher than the Canadian right now, so it all works out in the end with the Paypal fees/postage/packaging. Thanks for your concern though. Let me know that you received it, it went out yesterday via Canada Post.

  2. Thanks for letting me know that you received it, Lily. I hope you can hold some events to show it and it will pay for itself. Gloria

    • Hi Meredith, thanks for asking. Yes, the dvd is now available as a download (put it on a memory stick for future use) for $14.95 , click on the green button that says “Buy your digital copy” in the post above and you’ll be guided through how to pay and what to do. Thanks for showing the film. Gloria Lemay

  3. YES! It’s so much cheaper as a download. Put it on a memory stick for easy access. Just click on the green button that says “Buy your Digital Copy” and follow the instructions. Easy!

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  5. December special on the download. Save $6.10. Just click the green download button above and use the promo code GLORIA. Save to a memory stick and use the film for prenatal education, professional development or late night entertainment.

  6. Comment from Janet Fraser, Sydney, Australia
    Janet Fraser
    I watched your dvd yesterday, Gloria. I loved seeing births which were as individual as the women themselves, were women were held and supported by whoever they chose, where babies went in their mothers’ arms. I loved hearing the different sounds and seeing the responses of attending siblings who were almost overcome with excitement a…nd joy. My children loved it too and my daughter has already asked if she can watch it again this morning.

    Every time women see other women birthing without instruments and bright lights, it awakens our own bodily memories and reminds us that we can birth beautifully, however that is for us!

    Great to see the circ info on there too although I’m fortunate to be in a community where it never happens.

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