AUSTRALIA: It’s now or never

When a government introduces new legislation to regulate homebirth and midwifery, it’s important to make all the changes necessary to perfect it BEFORE passing the law. If birth workers and consumers are too exhausted by the process and relent to a half-baked scheme in order to get it moving, they’ll regret it in the future because enacted legislation is very difficult to ever change.

This is a call to sign a petition of non compliance that is on Lisa Barrett’s blog. I urge everyone to sign it and stand up to the poorly crafted proposal that is before the Australian parliament.

Gloria Lemay

From Lisa Barrett’s blog “Homebirth: Midwife Mutiny”

Australian Midwifery / We will not comply
We will not comply

By Lisa Barrett on September 24, 2010

With all the discussion and arguments over determination I think we need to finally say we will not comply. Women and midwives must stand together as we did on that wet day in Canberra. All our differences set aside, to put our money where our mouth is.

Please go and sign this petition, let’s show everyone what we really believe. The more the better, forward it to everyone you know.

Thank you all.


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1 thought on “AUSTRALIA: It’s now or never

  1. How dare a government set in to tell women how to have a “safe” birth? Let women be responsible for this choice. It is our right to exam and determine what is right for this pregnancy, and this birth. The worry over licensure and titles is ridiculous!

    Kathleen Davies

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