Another physician raises her voice on vaccines and autism

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Former NIH Director Dr. Bernadine Healy tells CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson that the question of a link between vaccines and autism is still open for debate.

June 2015: The ability to embed this news item has been removed from the internet. You can still view the interview at this CBS link

4 thoughts on “Another physician raises her voice on vaccines and autism

  1. She’s brilliant! The public is already afraid, and the denial of the hypothesis outright is only feuling the mistrust of government sponsored health care policies. Thanks for posting this! My first born is on the spectrum, and while I can not say for certain if vaccines caused it, I’ve chosen to keep my other children from them until I can be sure.

  2. A wise, conservative and balanced viewpoint. So refreshing! Vaccination is an emotive and, sometimes, unreasonable issue. We have chosen to delay vaccination for our child. Thank goodness we live in a country (australia) where vaccination is a choice…despite the pressure to vaccinate. My doctor wrote on our file ‘vaccination delayed, a choice by an intelligent mother’. Our child is a healthy 18 month old without polio, tetanus, measles, whooping cough, diptheria etc etc or autism. I must say the media scare tactics sbout whooping cough outbreaks and deaths was scary BUT I celebrate the right to choose when, and with what, to vaccinate my child and WILL NOT bow down to the fear mongering or pressure of the masses…
    Keep up the good info, Gloria

  3. When the “death” carrot is dangled over parents, it begs the question:
    -exactly how many babies die of pertussis, and how many die of “SIDS” within the 14 days post vaccine?

    -were the babies who died being breastfed?

    -were the babies who died taking another medication at the time? (the person administering the vaccine should always inquire about that but it often gets missed)

    You have a woman in Australia named Viera Scheibner, PhD., who does nothing but look in peer reviewed medical journals for information on why vaccines are dangerous. I’ve learned these things from her.

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