INDUCTION: Reasons you won’t believe

These are reasons for inducing the birth process that have appeared in hospital documents:

From the physicians:

“Patient lives in Mexico”
“PTL” needing cervical ripening
“Physician Distress”
“Patient lives far away”
“Worrisome weather”
“She has a note from her husband” (he stated he understood all the risks and promised not to sue if there was a bad outcome)
The patient wants to fit in her prom dress
impending macrosomia
Approaching post dates
“Avoid unlucky birthday on the Chinese calendar”
“placental lakes”
Because the baby is sitting right there.
History of rapid labor ……. (this was for a first time mother)
Multip with history of rapid deliveries…for cytotec induction…
“her husband’s team is playing in town and he (professional athlete) wants to be at the delivery”.

Don't let them induce you

From the patients who want to
schedule their own inductions:
“My doctor scritched my membranes and told me to call you”
“Fireballs in my uterus” and “Fireballs in my Eucharist”
” I am here for “instruction” for labor”
“my doctor is going to indulge me next week”

11 thoughts on “INDUCTION: Reasons you won’t believe

  1. and we can’t forget: TOBP=tired of being pregnant (from the doctor!)
    and my discussion admitting a woman and her reason for induction…….. “The DOCTOR said!” Why did he recommend the induction? “HE said!” What did he say? “To have the baby induced today” What did he give you as the REASON to induce your labor at 37 weeks? “HE SAID TO DO IT!” Do you have any medical or pregnancy problems that doctor was concerned about? “I don’t think so” I need a reason that we are inducing your labor today….. “THE DOCTOR SAID!” {Banging head on desk, and yes she was sectioned for an unfavorable cervix with fetal distress}

    • Ugh, that makes my head hurt. I think it’s so sad that so many women subject themselves to their doctors’ whims without bothering to do any research on the most important event of their lives, and their babys’ lives. How many botched births could’ve gone smoothly if the mother had spent even an hour informing herself?

    • All of the things that the women are communicating show a complete lack of understanding of what’s going to happen to them and their baby. Looks like “informed consent” or “informed refusal” is not happening at all in these cases. Women who don’t speak English as a first language seem to be especially vulnerable to assembly line treatment.

  2. To answer the question of “Why do so many women use it?”…..”it” being castor oil for induction…. (implying that if so many women use it, it must be ok)….. Many women do many things that are not the best idea during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. In fact, most likely MOST of the women in the US do many things that are unhealthy during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum–the routine use of u/s scans, and weight control during pregnancy, and the high rate of inductions would be just 3 of dozens of possible examples. Just because a practice or intervention is frequently used does not mean that there is any good reason, or scientific basis, for using it.

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