4 thoughts on “Epidural? Just say “no”

  1. Sometimes it just takes a mental image to really grasp the concept & as Naked Birth said…you hit the the nail on the head w/ this one! Powerful image. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I perform epidurals all the time. They are safe, effective, and most importantly patients love them. Epidurals allow for natural 21st century deliveries. If you were traveling from L.A. to Washington DC, it would be easier to take an airplane rather than walk just as it’s easier to endure labor with an epidural than without one. Yeah, you can get there by walking, and yeah airplanes have crashed before, but the risks are very low and there a lot of risks involved with walking to DC rather than flying. Midwives, in many places express a bias against epidurals without sound scientific fact. Their arguments are often based on emotions.

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