Thanx to Shirley for being the model for this interactive statue.

On the left – Mother breast feeding her baby.
On the right- Expectant mother in discussion.
Out of view: – Children playing in the sand.

*Donated by the artist to the Hospital for Sick Children in memory of her son Morris, July 7th, 1977 to October 18th, 1979 in appreciation for the excellent care received by him and countless others from the hospital staff.
May our children play in peace.

  • Engraved on the bench are 476 messages of love, hope, and inspiration contributed to the artist by members of the cultural, scientific, political, and other walks of life from all over the world.
  • Location: Toronto Hospital for Sick Children
  • Sponsor: Donated by the artist
  • Material: Bronze
  • Year: 1984
  • *Text from “Outdoor Art in Toronto”

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  1. I just love that breastfeeding mother, doesnt have her singlet strap down… her arm is entirely out of it by the looks… [whole]breast feeding.. xx Magical. hope the artist got and gets much continued healing from the messages and people who sit with the women and children she created.

    • I never noticed that before. I’m going to Toronto in September so will be sure to go and see this and get my own pic taken with the oxytocin women!

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