Postpartum Doula Certification(2024)

We have heard such positive feedback about our Postpartum Doula Certification Course. We have put together a great course that will launch participants into action in this career.

The Wise Woman Way of Birth Postpartum Doula Training will be taught primarily by Candice Johnson. Candice is the owner/operator of Cherish Childbirth in Vancouver, BC. She has built her business over the past 10 years and is the “go to” woman when families are having problems in the early days of parenting. She has a broad education in Massage, Breast Feeding, Childbirth Education and Infant Massage. Candice has trained many postpartum doulas and is active in the Vancouver birth community. She is the mother of two boys who were both born at home and breastfed into toddlerhood.

6 live classes on Zoom, 2 and a half hours long.
Cost: $525 (Canadian)

Final Course in 2024 dates:

Course: Saturday September 28 to November 2 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Pacific)

6 Classes Live on Zoom, assignments and materials on Google Classroom.

Course Description:
This course will prepare you to be with families in the months after welcoming a baby. It includes all the aspects of the “fourth trimester” from practical feeding skills, to understanding the postpartum person’s body and how to support the family as a whole.
Our societal structures provide little care for new families. Having a trained eye and calm presence in a home in the early days is invaluable. Postpartum Doula care is proven to improve breastfeeding success, family bonding, and postpartum dis-ease disorders. Postpartum Doulas are in high demand!
The course will be on Zoom and assignments and tests will be on Google class room.
Successful students will receive Wise Woman Way of Birth Postpartum Doula Training certification.
Please email if you need more information or to register.

Class ONE – The Fourth Trimester and the Role of the Postpartum Doula

Class TWO – Postpartum Healing – Physiology, Nutrition and Traditional Practice

Class THREE – Business for Postpartum Doulas and your Post Birth Bag

Class FOUR – Breastfeeding

Class FIVE – Alternative Feeding Methods, Twins/triplets, Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Class SIX – Newborn Care (including diapering and baby wearing).

Introducing Candice Johnson, the course instructor: Quote:
I have been living and breathing all things birth since I was asked to attend my first birth over 15 years ago. I feel a deep innate knowing of the undisturbed birth process. As an extension of my birth work I organically began supporting breastfeeding. I enjoyed my time with families postpartum but until I had my own babies I didn’t fully understand the importance of supporting someone through the postpartum period. Suddenly what I had always known, respected, and held space for I experienced first hand. This sparked a passion for serving new families. I hope by sharing my knowledge of how to support the “fourth trimester” through doula education, much needed support can be brought to communities everywhere.
Candice Johnson, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Counsellor
— on Bowen Island, British Columbia.

8 thoughts on “Postpartum Doula Certification(2024)

  1. Christin, we have a course starting on June 16 (as described above) and you can pay/register up till June 10, 2021. Email me and I will send you a FAQ document with lots of info. waterbirthinwoman(at) Gloria

  2. Hi Cynthia, it was great to have you in the Birth Doula Training. My best wishes for you in your travels. Gloria

  3. Thanks for asking, Emma. Graduates of Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Training can review the course in the future for $250 in order to keep upgrading their skills/knowledge. For the Postpartum Doula Course we don’t have a reviewer fee. Everyone pays the same tuition, $525, which we find a great incentive to attend every class and do every bit of the assigned homework. Gloria

  4. Hi Leticia, I’ll email you our FAQ document that may answer more questions for you. We, so far, haven’t had to cap the class size because Zoom allows up to 100. Registration will stay open till June 10. There is some pre-reading and a film to view before we start so keep that in mind. Each graduate of the course is her own business owner. Postpartum doulas in the same region can easily set up a FB group to share inquiries and backup for each other. In our first course out, some of the class members in Vancouver BC quickly joined forces and set up a group called “Vancouver Postpartum Doulas” on FB where they can form alliances to find and serve clients. If you live in the Vancouver area, you’d be welcome in that group, I’m sure.

  5. Hi Maria, we are training women from all over the world with these Zoom classes. We are based in British Columbia Canada but, of course, women’s need for support
    after having a baby is pretty universal. Anyone with some experience in caring for new mothers can do work as a Postpartum Doula without certifying with any
    company. The value of taking the course and doing the study is that, in order to have a professional business, you have the experience and latest news on Postpartum
    Care in one structure so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. I’ll send you the FAQ document, too.Gloria

  6. The 3 courses that will be available in 2022 are now listed on the blog. We’re excited to bring you more good resources than ever. You have your choice of Saturday morning or Wednesday evening classes.

  7. Hi,
    I birthed 5 of my 8 children at home with my loving Midwife. I have always been passionate about birth, and supporting birthing women.
    I want to become a Doula to follow my passion of helping women enjoy glorious births.
    But I can’t afford the over $500 cost of this course.
    Is there any assistance available with this course?
    Thanks sooo much!
    Ana Jamieson:

    • Hi Ana, Everyone pays the same price for the course. We don’t have assistance programs. Thanks for asking. Gloria

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