This is the first time we are offering our Wise Woman Way of Birth 4-Day Doula Certification Training on Vancouver Island. We know there are many women on the Island who have wanted to have the course closer to their homes. If there is an interest, we’ll be doing one course a year in future.

A student’s comment: “I learnt more in one day of this four-day course than I did during the whole doula training I took years ago. It is informative, real, and very in-depth. It touches all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and the post partum period. It gives you the tools in which you need to feel confident when beginning your doula career. On top of all of that, Jessica is a blast and keeps the atmosphere light and fun!” ~ Jazzmin Nagy

Over the four day doula training, you will gain:
*An understanding of the normal physiology of childbirth
*Insight as to the challenges that come with unnecessary interference with the birth process
*Hands-on techniques for providing comfort to a birthing woman
*Practice (through role playing) supporting a woman and her partner in all phases of birth
*Confidence in your ability to be informative and helpful in your prenatal visits
*Materials to use as handouts to your future clients
*Community! You will walk away from the course with new friends and a support network as you begin your journey into birth work
*Access to resources for new doulas, including contracts, intake forms, and materials to use in your prenatal visits

Want more info? Write to and ask for the FAQ document.

“… I felt I knew quite a lot before this course and quickly realized I knew only a fraction! I also realize there is lots more to learn. I love the way this course was taught. Jessica, your energy, your knowledge and your honesty are amazing – I aspire to be half the doula that you are and I am thankful for your expertise. I would recommend this training to anyone that was interested in a heartbeat!” ~Sara

People in the community have always supported each other through the birth process. As childbirth has moved into the medical system, some of the traditional knowledge and support we have always had access seems to have become lost from our communities. As a birth doula, you can contribute to bringing back some of that traditional support and knowledge to the folks in your community and be part of the powerful experience that childbirth can be for the family.

“When I did my Wise Women Way of Birth training, I was about 25 births in. I came to it after a recent stretch of difficult highly intervened births and was feeling tired. After those days with Jessica Austin, I felt that excitement and love for my calling renew! The training is unlike any other I have taken in the past. She brings you back to truly understanding the normalcy and beauty of birth. You get to really LEARN about the physiology of birth which you need to understand in order to have the trust in the process to do this work. I feel like I bring so much more to the table now. Thank you Jessica!”

Date and time:
July Long Weekend Intensive: Friday June 28, Saturday June 29, Sunday June 30, Monday July 1
Classes are held from 10am-5pm

Location: Collective Space, 166 Station St., Duncan BC

Email Gloria at to register.

More student feedback: “I can’t recommend this course enough! Jessica’s passion and humor shine through in her teaching. The weekend was a fabulous experience – full of laughter, tears, and most importantly, top-notch education surrounding the current culture of birth. I loved every moment!” ~ Jessi Connaughton

Price: $525. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your space, with the remainder due 5 days before the first class.

To register or receive more info, send your full name, phone number, and desired course date to

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