Doula Training in Vancouver Last Date for 2019 (course is full)

Doula Training in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

2019 Dates:

    Remembrance Day long weekend course:

Friday November 8, Sat Nov 9, Sunday Nov 10, and Monday Nov 11

Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost: $525 ($100 non-refundable deposit to get pre-reading binder, balance due one week before course begins)

Revolution Health
405 W 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC Canada

taught by Gloria Lemay

Instructor, Jessica Austin, with a Doula client.

Instructor, Jessica Austin, with a Doula client.

This 4 day course will give you the skills to assist women giving birth. We put an emphasis in the course on the ability of the pregnant/birthing woman to take charge of self-care such as checking her blood pressure, weighing herself, urinalysis, and cervical dilation checks. Doula services are in demand. There is a pre-reading requirement. Please call (604) 714 0377 for further information and to register for the course.

What to bring: 3 ring binder (pre reading material), pen, gestation wheel (contained in the pre-reading package) and your date book (or other agenda).
Course outline:

DAY 1: Introduction, Review of pre-reading, Hospital Do’s and Don’ts, Medical Terms to know.

Stages of a normal birth, how to recognize by external observation Designing a doula business for fun and profit.

DAY 2 Prenatal counseling, client history-taking, using art therapy and guided imagery to create an ideal birth plan.

Visualization, birth coaching, tricks of the trade for comfort and relaxation.

DAY 3: Medications and interventions (antibiotics, induction, augmentation, managed third stage).

The amazing newborn. How to examine a newborn, signs of wellness, recognizing when to call for medical help. Breastfeeding counseling.

DAY 4: Assisting in special situations e.g. waterbirth, vaginal birth after cesarean, stillbirths, miscarriages.

Nutritional counseling . Beyond the 4 food groups. Practical and helpful ways to individualize diet and lifestyle improvement for pregnant couples.

There will be an exam at the end of the course and successful students will receive certification.

Please email if you need more information.


2020 Doula Trainings in Vancouver BC Canada

76 thoughts on “Doula Training in Vancouver Last Date for 2019 (course is full)

  1. I am really interested in this course and am seriously considering taking it. Is it filling up quickly? I may not be able to do it until the summer or fall because Cedar is still so little and I’m not sure if he will be ok away from me for that long in March. Should I just call to register?

    • Hi Kathleen, we still have room in all the courses. Some women do have a helper for the baby who brings the baby in whenever the baby needs to nurse. There are a lot of “paired” exercises in the class so it doesn’t work to have the babies in the whole time. There is a lounge area in the school and the helpers can take the babies out on Broadway and cruise the shops, too. The June course that is 4 days in a row has a few people enrolled already but we take 16 max. March is half full and the fall has no registrations at this point. It would be great to have you in the class.

  2. I was wondering different things.
    1. is there a stay over night opportune close by for the June intense training?
    2. I did my Doula training with the COR ( just missing one Birth attendance as of now) is there a chance to get things a credited towards your June training or is it totally different?
    3.can it be paid in installments or all at ones via e-transfer ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Ramona, for this course, two women have offered places to stay. 2. I don’t know what COR is. Our course is unique and everyone who has training from elsewhere seems to get a whole new perspective from taking our Doula Course. 3. we don’t take installments but we do take e-transfers. Thanks for your questions. Gloria

  3. Will there be another intensive after the June one? I am not able to travel due to clients in early July, but would love to come to one in the fall.

    • We only schedule a weekend intensive once a year, Heather. It’s mostly for out of towners. Will have another one next summer (2015). Thanks for your interest.

  4. I am interested in the course as well but am wondering if you will be offering it anytime soon in the Okanagan area of BC. I live in Osoyoos so the broken up weekends would mean I would have to drive 4 hours to the course each weekend. If not can you recommend a similar course in this area?

    • Sorry, Alison, we only do the Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Training in Vancouver. Perhaps the registered midwives in Penticton would be able to steer you toward a local course.

  5. Hi there, very excited to find this!
    I’m wondering if we get certified after taking this course, or if we need to be certified to qualify as a practicing doula? Also are there more steps (attending births, prenatal classes),basically what DONA requires to become a doula?

    • I’ve sent you via email a FAQ document that should answer your questions, Jennifer. For our certification, you have to complete the 4 days of training and pass an exam. Then, to maintain your certification, you have to get in trouble with a dr or nurse at least once a year 🙂

      • Hi Gloria,

        The training program sounds really great!

        I have the same question that Jennifer asked you: do we get certified as a DONA doula international doula? If not what does the certificate we get out of your course allow us to do? Can we work as a doula? I’ll really appreciate it if you could send me FAQ document as well.

        Also if we don’t pass the test in the first place are there chances that we can sit the exam again till we pass?

        Thank you!

        • Thanks, Yuki. Our training is NOT a DONA program. Our certification is from our company, Wise Woman Way of Birth. You don’t need to have our course or DONA to be “allowed” to work as a birth advocate. Many women get their training by assisting family and friends. Being a doula can be a self-declared occupation. In our course, you are given pre-reading material, classroom instruction and course homework which prepares you for the exam. Our intention is that every woman will pass the test the first time she takes it. It would be most surprising if someone failed the test so don’t worry about that. The test validates all you have learned in the 4 days. I will send you the FAQ document. My email is birth(at)

  6. Hello, I would like to register for the Wise Woman workshop at the end of Sept if there is still room. Please let me know how I go about doing that.

    Many thanks,

  7. I am interested in the fall course, but would not be able to attend the first session as I am out of town for a wedding. Is there a chance to do a self study make up for this day?



    • Hi Alli, I don’t recommend that you take the course if you can’t be present for all 4 days. We’ll be posting the 2015 dates soon. Thanks for asking. Gloria

      • The dates for 2015 have been posted and we are taking registrations now. birth(at) Write to me and I’ll send you out a FAQ document.

  8. Hi Gloria. I am in Fort McMurray, Alberta and we really need to host some more doula training. There are only a handful of trained doulas in town for around 150 births a month. Would you or your other trainers be interested in a 4 day weekend session? We would really appreciate it if you would consider it for the new year. Thanks!!

  9. Hello, Gloria. I’m looking at the upcoming March dates and would like to request your FAQ sheet before I register please. Thanks in advance!

  10. I’ve been wanting to take this course for years. I’m interested in the February intensive, but since I’m local would it be of benefit to take the longer program

    • I would recommend that you take the March course, Ali, if the dates work for you. The intensive is great for people who have to travel in but in the Saturday classes, you get a week to digest the material, do research, get homework done and generally let it all sink in. We have a Facebook page for each group where we post further resources after the course finishes so that you keep growing your knowledge base. It’s fun to be in a group that’s from your own city, if it’s possible.

  11. Hi Gloria and all! If there is anyone local who is able to take a 4 saturdays course and open a space from an out of towner like me, would that be possible? Or can you put me on a wait list and let me know if a space opens up. Thanks

  12. Hi

    I’m wanting to take the august long weekend course. Are people from out of town welcome? I live in Houston BC and from what I can find there are no Doulas here and its been my dream and passion to become a Doula. I am also interested in taking midwifery course if you are running any in the near future. Thank you

    • Hi Chelia, the long weekend intensives are really there for out of town women. Some local women like to do the course like that, but really, it’s meant to accomodate women who have to come in from some distance. Right now, I’m making a list of women who want August. Being on this list will reserve you a spot without a deposit until June 1. On June 1, I’ll send out a reminder and request that everyone on the list get their deposit in because I’ll be mailing the pre-reading packages out then. I’m going to put your name on that list now. Thanks Gloria

      • Thank you very much I definitely want to do the the August long weekend course. When and where can I make my payment to? Thanks in advance

      • The course is taught by a busy Vancouver doula, Jessica Austin. Sometimes she has a birth when she’s scheduled to teach and then, I step in to cover the classes. I’m usually there in the a.m. and p.m. to help set up and break down the class room.

  13. I just completed the first day of the four day doula training course. Wow, lots of passionate women attending this interactive, info-packed course. Its so much more than I imagined it to be. Thanks.

  14. Dearest Gloria, Oh How I wished to study with you when I had the chance! I have been in and out of US for so many years now…..I would like to sign up for the 4 day training in August long weekend.

    Thank you and Blessings, Sarah

  15. Hi Gloria!
    We met recently and I mentioned I would like to sign up for the 4 day course in June. How can I register and pay for the course? Thanks,

    Mitra Suri!

  16. I would like to enroll in the June/2015 Doula training classes.
    Thank you for your time in replying.
    Louise Gobert

  17. Gloria, I have been trying to get in touch with you since our phone conversation, I send you the email as you request and left a few phone messages on your voicemail.
    Can you please contact me, I need to know if I can get a space for the August course.

    Best regards

  18. It is my dream to become a doula…my youngest (of 4) is almost 11 months old…so the training in November would be ideal for me. Will this training cover postpartum doula as well? I’d love to receive the FAQ sheet too please 🙂

    • Hi Drina, We cover breast feeding support in the course but it is mainly focused on birth doula work. If you live in the Vancouver area, we can link you up with some agencies that train and find work for post partum doulas.

  19. I am interested in doing the training course in February, over the long weekend.
    Could you please tell me when you will be taking registrations for that course?
    Many thanks.

  20. Does this course certify you as a doula? Or is it a just a training program? Is the pre reading and course all that is required?

    • Our training is NOT a DONA program. Our certification is from our company, Wise Woman Way of Birth. You don’t need to have our course or DONA to be “allowed” to work as a birth advocate. Many women get their training by assisting family and friends. Being a doula can be a self-declared occupation. In our course, you are given pre-reading material, classroom instruction and course homework which prepares you for the exam. Our intention is that every woman will pass the test the first time she takes it. It would be most surprising if someone failed the test so don’t worry about that. The test validates all you have learned in the 4 days. I will send you the FAQ document. My email is birth(at)

  21. Thank you Gloria! I am in the Vancouver area…I am still interested in taking the November course…and would love to get familiar with those in the area who can provide post-partum training. Thanks again!

  22. Hi I’m very interested in taking your course but I’m wondering how much work do Doulas make usually? I work weekends at Peach Arch Hospital but I’ve been interested in being a Doula for a very long time now, but I’m not sure how in demand they are? Thanks!

    • It’s a good question, Amanda. Doulas are in demand AND the business is different for every doula. Each doula is a sole proprietor of a business. Some doulas are good at enrolling clients. They find creative ways to advertise and spread the word about their business and are making a good income. Others do it as a part time hobby, mostly for family and friends. We teach you about promotion but then there are actions to take. It will depend on your other obligations and your own passion for the work.

  23. I am interested in becoming a doula. I just wonder how does your program compare to Douglas College? Is it the same certificate?
    Do students receive support to help them pass the exam? I would like to know the success rate and how students succeed in completing your course.

    Thank you,

  24. I am very interested in taking this course partly to set up something here in BC but also to apply the knowledge I gain in Romania. I work for a charity organization there and we are confronted regularly with young women who need a birth advocate. However I am 60 and wonder if my age might be a problem?
    If not I would like to register for the july or september course. Is there still room?

    • Hi Ghislaine, I think you would have to make that choice for yourself. I’m 68 and I take whatever courses interest me. I hope I keep learning right to the end of my life. Doula work is ideal for women with grown families, I think. We do still have room in both those courses. Write to me at birth(at) and I’ll send you the FAQ document.

  25. I am very interested in attending one of the holiday intensives. I have a 2 year old and a newborn right now, and am wondering if there’s any childcare available? All our family members work during the day so unfortunately I can’t leave them at home, but I would absolutely love to take the course.

    • Hi Marissa, we don’t have any childcare available for the course. There is a comfortable seating area outside the classroom where a sitter can be with babies until they need to feed. The course involves a lot of paired work with the other participants so we ask that only nursing little ones come to the school.

  26. Hi I’m interested in taking the training in the fall and I’m just wondering if you could please send me your FAQ document?

    • It’s a birth doula course. We touch on breast feeding support but, mainly, it’s advocating through the birth and early hours of life.

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  28. We are taking registrations for the Wise Woman Way of Birth 4 day intensive doula training in February 2018. $525.00 If you’re looking for an excuse to come to beautiful Vancouver BC for a holiday, this is the course to register in. It’s over a government holiday for British Columbians.

  29. Hello. please let me know when you will be running a four day course . I am from the north and would like to attend the next one. I see I am to late for February’s .

  30. Is there any chance you will be offering another 4 day training this year? Yours is the only course I want to take but I live in the US. Traveling back and forth over 4 weeks is not ideal but will sign up for the fall class if that’s my only option. Thanks

  31. Hi, I’m very interested. Just wondering where do we register, and is there still two more places for the 2019 November courses?

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